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Day 1
14 Sep 2018
8:00 - 9:00

Registration & Breakfast

Economics of Cannabis Banking

Hypur Inc. will dispel the myths of cannabis banking and demonstrate just what it takes for the customers to make cannabis purchases and how the cannabis businesses have to find...
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Andre Herrera
Tyler Beuerlein
Matt Karnes
Tahira Rehmatullah

Economics of International Cannabis Companies

As the cannabis industry continues to expand throughout the globe with prohibition ending and regulation of commerce taking center stage, the infrastructure being built reveals where the market will be...
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Jason Wild
Peter Miller
Sean McNulty
Daniel Pearlstein
Jonathan Rubin

Keynote Event

Jim Cramer Interviews The Green Organic Dutchman CEO Brian Athaide. Founder of, successful business book author Jim Cramer will be interviewing The Green Organic Dutchman’s CEO Brian Athaide on...
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Jim Cramer
Brian Athaide
12:00 - 12:50

Lunch, Sponsored by Acreage Holdings

The Economic Effect of Medical Marijuana on Adult Marijuana

The cannabis industry is unique with its sister sectors of medical and adult-use marijuana. The two help and in some ways hinder each other. This panel led by MJ Freeway...
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Adam Orens
Adam Orens
Jeannette Ward Horton
Jessica Billingsley
Emily Paxhia
Emily Paxhia

Economics of the Cannabis Consumer

This panel will review the cannabis consumer as he or she relates to the retail of the plant. What trends apply to this area of the market and how can...
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Mike Brown
Bethany Gomez
Jeff Stein
David H. Dancer

Economics of Cannabis E-Commerce

Consumers increasingly turn to e-commerce to make most of their purchases, however, the rules of cannabis and e-commerce are dramatically different. This panel led by Namaste Technologies will look at...
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Scott Boyes
Peter Gigante
Sean Dollinger
Vivien Azer

Going Long On Marijuana

KCSA Lewis Goldberg interviews Danny Moses, featured in the “The Big Short”.  Moses was involved in one of the biggest trades in market history, chronicled by Michael Lewis. The interview will be a...
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Danny Moses
Lewis Goldberg
Lewis Goldberg

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

Anniversary Party / Reception

1-year Anniversary Party for Green Market Report sponsored by MPX Bioceutical Corporation.