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Why Attend MJIC Event

MJIC Events Adds Value for Participants

  • Flex your itinerary: Our secure event website lets you develop a personalized agenda, empowering you to get the most out of all the time you devote to the summit.  
  • Share in the insights available from the best of the MJ industry:  Benefit from state-of-the-art analyses, expertise, and solutions from your peers.
  • Gain opportunities to network: Meet, greet, or re-introduce yourself to the top executives, build a new web of relationships, expand on the web you’re built already, or simply maintain the existing threads through that essential face-to-face element: contact, discussion, and debate.
  • Learn about solutions and services: Your MJ related business surely faces challenges –here you’ll meet the leading providers of solutions.
  • Receive summit documentation: You’ll have full access to all documentation connected with the event through our interactive website; presentation copies and contacts for participants are available on request.

MJIC Events Spells Opportunity for Providers

  • Build a personalized itinerary:  Decide in advance the executives you want to meet. Use our secure networking website to access detailed profiles of all the delegates and of their organizations, so you can customize your opportunities.
  • Access Decision Makers: Get to know the top decision makers of the participant institutions: exchange much more than your business cards, and get a head’s start on new business. 
  • Extreme Networking: Networking Benefit from the extensive time and space for networking baked into the event, on both a formal and informal level. There will be entertainments, luncheons, dinners, cocktail receptions – all in a professional setting, all enabling your productive interaction.
  • Participate in a think tank: The event, with its keynote presentations, case studies, discussion groups, etc., will put you inside the brains of the industry, enabling you a chance to bring your concerns and your strategic goals to the attention of actual or potential clients.

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