The Economics of Psychedelic Investing
A Short Program on the Opportunities in Alternative Plant Investments
January 24, 2020, 54 W. 40th Street, New York City NY.

The Economics of Psychedelic Investing

The Economics of Psychedelic Investing is a half day event hosted by the industry’s premier financial news organization the Green Market Report.

Intro to Psychedelic Markets

Scientific argument for psychedelics. Potential size of the market, who are the major players and the…

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The Market For Micro-Dosing

JR Rahn founder of MindMed will speak about the opportunities for micro-dosing and the opportunities…

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Business Strategy for Companies

Atai Life Sciences is a global biotech company that was created to address those suffering with mental health…

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Parallels Between Companies

Lewis Goldberg, Managing Partner at Communications firm KCSA and Ronan Levy of Field Trip Ventures will…

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Networking Cocktail Party

Network with company leaders and industry professionals. Sponsorship opportunities are available…

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Featured Speakers

We are also pleased to announce that some of the best and brightest in the cannabis industry will be attending and speaking at this event.
Debra Borchardt

Debra Borchardt

Co-Founder and CEO,
Green Market Media

Rosie Mattio

Founder & CEO,
MATTIO Communications

Ronan Levy

Founder & CEO
Field Trip Psychedelics
Lewis Goldberg

Lewis Goldberg

Managing Partner,

JR Rahn

Mind Medicine Inc

Srinivas Rao

Chief Scientific Officer
Atai Life Sciences

Florian Brand

Co-Founder and CEO
Atai Life Sciences

David Feldman

Hiller PC

Media Partners

Green Market Report, Mattio Communications, Hemp Market Report, and Delic Corp.

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Green Market Media, Atai Life Sciences, Field Trip, Kanna Revolution, AxisWire,
Cannabis Benchmarks, Consumer Research Around Cannabis, and GreenWave Advisors.