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The Economics of Psychedelic Investing

This half day event will explore the quickly emerging industry of psychedelic medicines and the companies looking to capitalize on it. Several cities have decriminalized medical mushrooms, but the plant remains federally illegal and like cannabis is a schedule 1 drug.

Research has shown psilocybin to help relieve symptoms for people who experience cluster headaches, treat addiction, and could be an alternative to typical depression treatments in the general population. According to the 2017 Global Drug Survey, mushrooms are the safest recreational drug to use.

These panels will educate curious investors as to the opportunities to invest in this industry in its earliest stages.

Media Partners & Speakers

The Green Market Summit has assembled a stellar lineup of media partners including long-time Los Angeles media icon LA Weekly and, top cannabis PR firm Mattio Communications.

We are also pleased to announce that some of the best and brightest in the cannabis industry will be attending and speaking at this event. They include Emily Paxhia, Co-Founder of Poseidon Asset Management, Tahira Rehmatullah, Managing Partner of M-Tech, and Rosie Mattio, founder of Mattio Communications.

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