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Day 1
24 Jan 2020

Introduction to Psychedelic Markets

This panel will give the audience a current read on the marketplace for psychedelics. It is moderated by Shelby Hartman, the Co-Founder and CEO of Double-Blind Magazine a biannual print magazine...
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Shelby Hartman
Jay Pleckham
Leonard Lerer
David Feldman

The Market For Micro-Dosing

JR Rahn founder of MindMed will speak about the opportunities for micro-dosing and the opportunities for consumers who want the benefits of psychedelic drugs but without the lengthy time commitment....
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Brittany Somerset
JR Rahn

Business Strategy For Psychedelic Companies

Atai Life Sciences is a global biotech company that was created to address those suffering with mental health disorders. It has created a portfolio including Compass Pathways which uses Psilocybin...
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Shlomi Raz
Jeremy Berke
Florian Brand
Srinivas Rao

The Parallels Between Cannabis & Psychedelic Companies

Lewis Goldberg, Managing Partner at Communications firm KCSA and Ronan Levy of Field Trip Ventures will talk about the similarities between the emerging psychedelic companies and the early days of...
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Brian Quigley
Lewis Goldberg
Lewis Goldberg
Ronan Levy

Networking Cocktail Party

Network with company leaders and industry professionals. Sponsorship opportunities available.